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Do you remeber the name? Or maybe it's the just the face whatever the case this is ya boy J'son an excellent edition to the group. He began as a young'n and has grown into a wonderful man who has added more than enough talent to the group. He is hopless romantic who uses martial arts as a stress reliever so to view more of this  dancing machine click the link below....

J'Son Pics

As many of us may or may not know J'son was a solo artist before joining the group. He was about 14 years old when he first released his debut album below are the singles he released as well as the two albums which include his "96" release as well as his last album .
 Take a Look-1996  Singles Released
                              Take A Look
                              I'll never stop loving you
                              I should cheat on you-98   

J'son recalls that his first exposure to The Jackson Five was a major influence so its no surprise that the group considers him "the dancing machine".    






J'Son Facts(The name is said like it is spelled there is no "A" in the name.)
Birthdate: May 14
Astrological Sign:
Favorite Food:  Soul,Seafood,Italian
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Movie: Goonies
Favorite Artist: Usher,Tyrese,Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot
Life Goal: To be known and respected as someone who loves what he does
Quote: "Trust him, taste life, take chances, and love hard"