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The Story behind 3rdStoree

Well if your here you basically have read how the group got together from the official site or if you have not check it out. This page is basically a little more detail about the guys. Check it out....

Gavin, 20, is a down-to-earth Cancer who grew up in Kansas. The rest of the boys grew up together in Los Angeles. Jay-R, 18, a sexy Sagittarius; D-Smoove,19, a sweet Aquarius; Kevontay, 19, a passionate Pisces; and J'son, 20, a tough Taurus.

They're all single!

When Jay-R's not in the studio, he likes to bowl, play video games, read, and catch up on sleep! He also likes to produce and write songs in his spare time. All of the members got to write three songs on their upcoming album Get With Me: "Clap Your Hands", "Super Star" and "What's Up".
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Both Kevantay and D-Smoove have dabbled in acting on the side, too. "I like acting because it's cool," said Kevontay. "It gives you a chance to be someone different, and make all kinds of money." D-Smoove has done a couple commercials and even a TV show. "I've done a McDonald's commercial and a Pepsi commercial with Sisqo. I was also on an episode of Boston Public and City Guys," said D-Smoove. Sounds like a pretty impressive resume!

J'son likes to release some energy practicing martial arts. "It relaxes me and calms me down. Sometimes I get a little high strung. It's good for meditation, and I respect the art."

Lately, Gavin has become more involved with church and spirituality. "I just want to know more about what church is about. It's just knowledge, and I like to be conscious of spiritual things."

Tour De Force:
Back in 1999, 3rd Storee toured with Britney and *NSYNC. "It was an adrenaline rush. The whole tour was an adrenaline rush. Every time I went to sleep at night my heart was racin' at about a hundred beats per second," said Kevontay.

Wide Audience: 3rdstoree03.gif
"This album showed off our mature side. Our first album was kinda teeny-bopper, know what I'm sayin'. We were very young, so was into that whole era. Now we're teenagers, and our music can cross-over to an adult audience," said D-Smoove.

Dancing Kings:
J'son is considered the "dancing machine" of the group. "Yeah, you know. I try to get my robot on," he joked. Gavin, the youngest member, said he wasn't a natural on the dancefloor, but the other guys showed him some fresh moves. "The guys taught me how to dance, and now you can't really tell the difference!" said Gavin.

In Their CD Players:
The boys have pretty diverse tastes in music. Could you jam out to this play list? Timbaland, Boyz II Men, Jurassic 5, 112, *NSYNC, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Faith Evans, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wounder, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Tupac and B2K.

Total Sweethearts:
Not only do the boys of 3rd Storee sing romantic songs, they're all totally sweet when it comes to their actual girlfriends.

"One time, a bought a whole bunch of roses and took the petals off of them and made a trail from my front porch to the car," said Kevontay. "That was where I kept my girl's birthday gift. So she followed the rose petal trail, and found her gift in my car. It was a beautiful thing." Red Rose, Spinning

"One day I recorded a tape. This was Valentine's Day, and you gotta go all out, right? So I rented a limousine, and I put a teddy bear in the limousine with one rose. She put the tape in and listened to me say, 'Sit back, relax, have a nice time.' Then the limo picked me and up, and we went to the coast."

The Perfect Girl:
Jay-R: "I like a woman with class but not too classy -- someone who can have fun. Intelligent. Humorous."

Kevantay: "I like intellectual women. I like conversationalists. I like women who like to take nice long walks on the beach, eat strawberries and play sports."

J'son: "For the most part, I like nice chicks with nice personalities and a good sense of humor and are thoughtful."

Gavin: "I like girls who are intellectual -- that's very appealing and attractive."

D-Smoove: "I like pretty much the same kind of girl as everyone else."

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